How to Be a Better Gentleman?

Here are 10 tips to help improve and make you a better gentleman in your daily life.

1. Appearance

A better gentleman is:

  • Well groomed ( Well Shaven, Short Nails, Smell Fresh).
  • Wear clothes that fit well (Neat & Tidy).
  • Bathe Regularly.

2. Manners

A better gentleman always says:

  • Please
  • Thank you
  • Excuses himself (from a table after a meal, getting someone’s attention or to get someone to repeat something).

3. Communication

A better gentleman always:

  • Avoids cursing (A gentleman does NOT curse no matter the situation).
  • Avoids physical conflict (Only for self-defence).
  • Always address elders by a title & not their names (like Sir, Ma’am, Uncle, Aunt, Granny, Grandpa).


4. Health Care

A gentleman does not confuse this with appearance and takes care of his body by:

  • Not smoking (at least not in public).
  • Exercise regularly.

When a gentleman is sick he does not:

  • Go out in public (If he can help it).
  • Does not invite or visit friends or family.

5. Competitiveness

A better gentleman is always:

  • A team player.
  • Modest in Victory (Does not boast).
  • Thanks¬†people for playing with him.

6. Dependable

A better gentleman is always:

  • On time for all appointments.
  • Keeps to his word.
  • Trustworthy in everything he does.

7. Forgiveness

A better gentleman is always:

  • A mature individual that does not hold grudges (No matter the situation).
  • Against negative emotions (No vengeful actions).
  • Forgives others for their wrong doings.

8. Achievements

A better gentleman never:

  • Flaunts his possessions (Does not show off).
  • Does not speak about his accomplishments but allows his accomplishments speak for themselves.

9. Doors

A better gentleman always:

  • Jumps to open the door for anyone (That may be a car door for a lady or a door in a doorway).
  • Let people behind him enter first (This may be a car, a building or into an elevator).

10. General

A better gentleman is always:

  • Improving himself to help others (Not impress them).
  • avoiding the chance to take a call while in the toilet (No matter the situation).
  • avoiding the chance to play on his phone or any electronic device while on the toilet (Read a magazine instead).

These are only a few points in the pursuit to becoming a better gentleman. If you would like more information about this, check out this video by Practical Psychology where he reviews the book on “50 Things Every Young Gentleman Should Know




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